WOMAN – Symbol Of Sacrifice

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Sacrifice means to give what is the most lovable to us. Someone gives up his happiness, someone his family and etc. Many of us also sacrifice or may not. Renunciation is the act which anyone can’t do. This can be performed by strong hearted people only. Renunciation may be for children, parents, and friends, family, country and for others also. But the matter is that who does it the most. Our history reveals that women are always ahead of men for sacrifices. Whether she is Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teresa, Rani Padmawati, Amrita Devi, Pannadhay and many more examples are there. In today’s era there are also so many women who have sacrificed a lot. Today females have more contributions in every field than man whether it is politics, economy or defense. Woman as a mother, sister, daughter and wife do a lot for her family but the sadness is that with time we all forget about what they did.

Urmi is also such an example. She was five year old when she lost her mother. Urmi’s father was alone. Being from lower middle class family he had to earn bread and butter for his family as well as nourish his children. Urmi had a brother, Mahesh and a sister, Lata. All were married at lower age around twelve to thirteen years. After marriage she hardly stayed two or three days at her in-law’s home. She refused to live there as she had decided to live at her own home and wanted to help her father and brother. She had a dream that she would stand with them in every field and help in flourishing them. With continuous efforts of all of the three, they could build some property.

After few years Mahesh became father of a male child. But the baby could not survive in this world due to some curse. The demise of first baby left everyone in grief. Also he could not became father anymore. They had tried everything for the next child but they could not succeed. Mahesh’s wife suman could not tolerate all this and she got a lot of stress, which make her ill for long time. Now Urmi had to handle the household works and also to help his father. There was a lot of burden on her but she did it all happily.

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Also it is said that there is time to happen everything. By virtue of god and with some miracle Mahesh could became father again. In few years Urmi had three new members in her family and they were three sons of Mahesh. Now everything was well. They also extended their business. All the three sons Pratik, Jayesh and Kirtesh had grown up. Urmi had turned forty five years old. Pratik and Jayesh were handling their family business with their father. Pratik had narrow thoughts they women are not for business but for household works only. He didn’t even want any kind of interference of Urmi in his business. Gradually all had the same thinking that Urmi interfered in their work.  They forgot the sacrifices of her. What she had thought of and then what she got. Having got married she could have planned her own family and brighten her own future but she left all for her brother and her family. Although Mahesh and his wife, Suman had affection with her. But new generation could not understand her that what she had done for them and her sacrifices. What to do with Urmi and what about her feelings. No more choice was left with her. Due to her helping nature she always wished other’s happiness first but she didn’t know that her own will not respect her.

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Actually it’s the fact that today many of us are over confident and short tempered that we even don’t listen to our parents. The ego of person doesn’t let it do this. They do what they desire without thinking about it. They even want any kind of suggestions.

As per my thought we should respect our elders specially those who care of us and are our well-wishers also.

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