The Way Towards Happiness


Whenever we ask someone, “how was your day?”, The answers are usually quite obvious:

A long hectic day… lots of work load…stressful studies or job….

People in today’s world are busy building money for future, but they often forget to live in their present. The present which is as precious as diamond … The present which is full of bliss… The present which is important for the upcoming future…

So to live that present here are some ideas to make those stressful days better one.


This basic of walking in early morning is something that everyone knows but before that walk Do not forget to smile while walking. Not only It can reduce the stress up to 15% and can result in a better day ahead, but also you can also make someone else smile too with your pretty smile.

And not only while walking, I suggest you to smile whole day. It will make your as well as others day. Somebody has rightly said “Laughter is the best medicine”

Always Smile… 🙂

  1. Share it with Others:

Sharing your worries often lead to relief in heart. Share as much as you can, it will not only reduce your stress but may give you a person for the lifetime. People are afraid to share their thoughts, but trust me, we have nothing to lose when it comes to thoughts, Except the stress that we are going through.

  1. Music is all we need:

This is my personal favourite work to do on hectic days. Play the music…. Plug in your earphones…And forget about the world… Often during the peak hours when it becomes very complex to work it is good to listen to your favourite track.

The music is something which is mandatory in one’s life. When the rhythm of music enters your soul, you go in to a totally different world. The world where rules are yours, world where background score is yours. the world without any sadness around and only the flowers blooming in the garden of your life. Basically it’s the movie of which you are the director.

  1. Take a Nap

During long working hours, take a nap of about 15 min and go ahead with the work. This will help you to work efficiently without being under stress and will definitely make your day better. Studies suggests that taking nap between the working hours increases the efficiency of the employee and often results in better ideas and thoughts. Even many StartUps have added sleeping area in their offices to increase productivity of the employees.

Even after work, try to sleep for minimum 6 hours daily to avoid any kind of health sickness.

  1. Chocolate: There is Nothing Better than this

The happiness in your eyes while licking that melted chocolate from the wrapper. Sounds yuck but it has extreme fun in it. There is science behind everything so, chocolate is something which contains caffeine and it is the better stress reliever…

While eating chocolate our body releases the same enzyme which is being released while in love, and Love is all we need right…?

Try these techniques and do share the results…

If you know some more hacks to reduce stress do share…

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