The Beast Reincarnated: Range Rover Velar


Being a car lover when I think of luxurious and comfortable car which is able to deliver the best on road as well as on off road, only one brand name comes in my mind which is LAND ROVER. The well-known brand specializes in All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles. The former British car company was founded in 1948 as Land Rover and is currently owned by Tata Motors since 2008. Ford Motors had sold this particular brand and Jaguar to Tata Motors after acquiring it for a span of around 8 years (2000-2008). When Ford Motors was thinking that this brand is not so much worthy for them, Ratan Tata, being an opportunist, saw a great future in the brand and decided to acquire it. With his dedicated and hardworking team, he made it one of the leading SUV brand across the globe.

Land Rover just revealed a new mid-size Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the Range Rover Velar. It is the fourth member of the Range rover family. It is positioned in size between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. As quoted by the Brand, it offers “Levels of Luxury, Refinement and All-terrain Capability never before seen in the mid-size SUV segment”.  Also it is described as the hottest product of the year by the company.


Range Rover Velar is now part of a unique installation at the Design Museum called ‘Reductionism’ which is open until 5 March 2017. Land Rover’s design director Gerry McGovern described the process of designing the Range Rover Velar as “I’ve always been of the view that less is more. We strived towards a reductive approach, which allows you to create something that is pure”. Also he added that, “Women have a massive influence on car design whether they buy the car for themselves, or play a significant part in choosing the family car; their input into the decision making is massive and often decisive”.

Range Rover Velar delivers efficient, refined and responsive driving from its advanced line-up of V6 and 4-cylinder Ingenium engines. With lightweight aluminum architecture, it has been built to fulfill a grater life cycle approach; using more recycled material, producing less emissions and lower fuel consumption.



Velar R-Dynamic

First Edition


D-180 D-300

Engine Options






S First Edition

Specification Pack







D-180 D-300 P-250

No. of seat

5 5 5

Fuel tank capacity (liters)

60 66 63
Max speed (km/h) 209 241


Acceleration (s)
8,9 6,5


Engine capacity (cm3)

1999 2993 1998

Power (KW)

132 221/300


Torque (N-m) 430 700


Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2490 2610




Dimensions (In Millimeters):

Length: – 4803

Height: – 1665

Wheel Base: – 2874

Wading Depth: – 650 (Electronic air suspension) and 600 (Coil suspension)

Obstacle clearance: – 251 (Electronic air suspension) and 213 (Coil suspension)

Featured Technologies:

  • Matrix-Laser LED Headlights: The Range rover velar is featured with Matrix-Laser LED headlights technology. This technology produces a quality of light close to daylight, giving excellent illumination and reducing eye fatigue. At speeds above 80 km/h, laser technology enhances the main beam to increase road visibility to as much 550m.
  • Dual Touch Screen:-It is featured with dual touch screen system allows the user to simultaneously view & interact with multiple features at once. For instance, you can use the navigation system in the upper screen whilst playing media on the lower screen.
  • Hill Descent Control for confident off road driving across a variety of terrains
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD) system deliver unrivalled, all weather and all-surface capability
  • 8-speed Automatic Transmission has been finely tuned to combine smooth shifting with exceptionally rapid response. The gear ratios are very closely spaced so that gear shifting is unnoticeable
  • Electronic Air Suspension system provides automatic access height feature. This can lift or down the vehicle for almost 40mm.


  • Aluminum Body Architecture:-Range Rover Velar aluminum body architecture has been designed for optimum safety, strength and greater efficiency. High strength alloy sides and high-density damping panels are incorporated together with a rear dynamic stiffening brace to reduce weight without compromising safety
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DCS), Roll Stability Control (RSC), Active Rear Locking Differential (ARLD), Low Traction Launch & Terrain Response makes the drive more stable and safer specially in hill area or at slope.
  • Safety Features like airbags, seat belts and the latest safety feature Electronic Traction Control (ETC) are provided.

Price in India and Expected Launch Date: 

The velar is likely to launch either late this year or early in 2018, with prices ranging between Rs 75 lakh and Rs 1 crore

Author’s Verdict:

In my opinion the Range Rover velar has all the reason to perform in the market. Specially people like me who loves the SUV class car are expecting this class of power pack from Land Rover. I am just waiting for that car to be launched in the market and dying to see the response from the SUV lovers.

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