“A Season of Celebration, a Reason of Rejuvenation” – the caption itself says it all!!

With the onset of spring comes the most awaited technical + cultural fest of Udaipur, TechJalsa. This is the time when students are indeed forced to keep the books aside and let their passions and talents and interests flow flawlessly! Well, for an engineering student, this is more like a fantasy!

TechJalsa is an annual fest organized by Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur. It is a combined technical, cultural, literary, art and craft festival that lasts for about 4 days. It is organized every year in the month of March. TechJalsa is a pack of number of events ranging from coding, to dance, to face painting, to group discussion, to bridge robo war along with Stunt show, DJ night and Rain Dance party, and a lot more.

TechJalsa 2k17 was held from 9th March to 12th March 2017 at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology. It was inaugurated at 12:00 noon on 9th March with pooja and plantation. Then began the real fun! At one corner of the campus, started the bridge making competition, while in another room, people starting gearing up their minds to jot down a solitary story in Jigsaw creative writing competition. Yet another event Roadies round 1, began at the common area of the college where the entire population stood to watch the odd show! Avatar(Face painting) was another activity taking place simultaneously.

After these competitions were over, another set of events took place, such as the Startup Idea Challenge wherein individuals or a team had to come up with an innovative idea which could lead to starting a company of their own. Aqua Soccer was the event wherein there was a battle between two aqua robots while playing soccer. Similar was another event called Aqua Missile Launcher and a gaming event Takken 5.

The major attraction of the day was STUNT MANIA. A series of bike, scooter and car stunts lasted for about an hour, with each moment being a mixture of thrill and anxiety among the viewers. Yet excitement won the battle, since hooting from the audience did not stop even for a second! Nothing could be a better ending of a super enthusiastic day than the Stunt Mania.

10th March was the second day of another set of lively and exuberant events of TechJalsa 2k17. Counter Strike was the first game of the day, the other was Mini Militia. Simultaneously, another classroom had guys and girls ruling down their pencils and creativity in Sketching. At the same time, the auditorium of the college was reverberating with the thoughts in FOR and AGAINST of “Is Gurmeher Kaur right?” in Moot Court. At the common area, Roadies round 2 had already begun with hooting from the viewers echoing in the entire building. At 11 a.m., two more art events started, called the Temporary Tattoo Making and the Rangoli. The impressive art of the artists filled the heart of the judges with glee!

Hey hey hey! That doesn’t mean we have forgotten our foundation – the engineer mind. We also had events such as IOT Innovation wherein a team had to build a project model using Internet Of Things. Then we also had Elevation Designing where one could design any elevation using a design software – pretty tough though! The third event in technical sect on that day was the Robo War, where Robots fight against each other in terms of strength, power and durability.

After the moot court had ended, we also had a Group Discussion event called Symposium. It proved to be super interesting and quite informative. Then came the most awaited and exciting part – the DJ Night!  The stage was set, the lights glittered, music and dance was in the air. Talmel, the solo singing competition was the first event of the evening. A bunch of melodious voices filled the dusky atmosphere. Then followed the grand show, Fashionista where guys and girls, elegantly dressed, walked down the ramp leaving the viewers astounded! And finally, the stage roared with the music by DJ Lovenish and the ground turned into a dance floor. Everyone danced on the beats in glee. The day ended in tremendous joy.

The enthusiasm was still high. 11th March was the third day of the fest, yet the energy was no less than the beginning. The day started with iGenius Quiz where 30 minds played wars. On the other side, another bunch of minds chucked their thoughts out on the stage in the event of Extempore(Impromptu speaking). Also, art events like Mehendi and Wall Graffiti were being held in the other rooms. FIFA and Rush(NFS) were the day’s gaming attractions.

The technical segment of the third day was Codex, a coding competition which pertains to programming. Then started the exciting everyday – Roadies round 3, again at the common area with everyone crowded round the play area to watch the game of the day. All the activities were super happening and fun. After round 3 ended, we had another event, the Nukkad Natak. All the nataks were fun to watch. The themes were social – based on terrorism, women empowerment, social media and life, etc. When the themes are so interesting, imagine how fascinating would it have been to watch the same!

After Nukkad Natak ended, the final showdown was organized – Roadies round 4(the finale). The tasks herein were the most difficult, yet electrifying. You’d wish you would have had been in that place performing, in fact playing or I should say enjoying. It was the last event for the day.

But but but, the fun is yet to begin! The Ethnic Night was the charm of 11th evening. Everyone was dressed in ethnic, classic outfits looking graceful and aesthetic splendors. The ground turned into a traditional affair. The splendid evening began with Aaja Nachle, a solo dance competition where individuals danced to their desires. The next event in series was Hooked Up, a group dance contest. Prolific dances by various groups of boys and girls left everyone delighted. Then was the most awaited thing – the Prize Distribution ceremony. The dignitaries of the college were invited on stage to give away the prizes. All the winners were greeted with cheers from the audience.

The award function was followed by the Closing Ceremony. All the volunteers of the event were called upon the stage and received a thunderous applause for the hard work they had put in to organize such a grand and successful event.

Though the fest had officially concluded, the fun hadn’t! On 12th of March, Holi and Rain Dance party was organized in the morning. All the students and teachers gathered in the campus garden to paly holi and enjoy the magic of rain dance. Once again the DJ played at highest decibel and everyone moved and twirled their bodies on the dance floor. The fun ended after about 3 hours.

Yet again, another TechJalsa ended. One more year embellished the joy of this festival. One more batch of Techno India NJR enjoyed their first, and one more their last college fest.

Adieu TechJalsa 2k17!!


  1. Just took a two down the memory lane.
    Tech Jalsa indeed was a refuge from the studies, paving path to creativity and talent ‘flaunt-form’, I prefer to say..
    Great coverage Erum..

  2. Just took a trip down the memory lane.
    Tech Jalsa indeed was a refuge from the studies, paving path to creativity and talent ‘flaunt-form’, I prefer to say..
    Great coverage Erum..

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