SOY MILK: Everything You Want To Know…


With the growing dispute between the soy and normal cow milk. I am gonna give you a brief regarding both the soy and normal milk, their pros and cons, which will help you to decide on your own which is better for you.

Soy milk is by product of soy, a plant-based drink produced by soaking dried soybeans and grinding them in water. So now u know what soy milk is, let us know the benefits and its effects, soy milk is a good source of protein for the vegetarians it’s around 3.3 gram protein per 100 gram of soy milk, also if u are lactose intolerance soy milk is your thing to go as it contains no lactose so having it will not gibe you that bloating stomach which is problem with normal milk for many.

Also, soy milk contains less fat as compared to normal cow milk. Studies have shown that since dairy milk contains high saturated fat and cholesterol soy milk is mostly unsaturated fat and zero cholesterol which makes it ideal for people with high cholesterol. Soy is good for people who are into weight loss or diet program as it contains less sugar as compared to dairy milk so its a good alternative to dairy milk in weight loss program. Apart from this soy milk essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B-6, calcium which is essential for daily needs of adult, soy milk contain a hormone called phytoestrogen a plant based hormone which reduces risk of prostate cancer by increasing calcium absorption in the body.


Now as we have looked upon benefits of soy milk, let’s have a look into some of its properties which make it unfit for some of the individuals. Soy from which soy milk is produced contains estrogen which reduces testosterone level in male which is not a good sign for males as reduce testosterone level hamper your hard earn muscle growth in the gym and also reduced testosterone affect the sex drive, your day to day energy level and a lot more. Reading this make u feel it’s totally unsafe for male no it’s not the above effects will occur when u have soy milk in excess as well as you consume soy from other food like soy chunks, tofu etc. As per studies, the recommended daily dosage of soy milk is like 15-20 grams for an adult male of its daily protein intake from soy products. Having soy protein in excess of it hamper your sex drive and can have lower libido level.

So if you are vegan then you can have your protein requirements from soy milk up to above limit due to the limited option available with vegans. Also, avoid soy milk if you have an intolerance to soy products it can cause bloating stomach.

Based on above information you are wise enough to choose soy milk as per your needs…


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