New Girl in The City…


“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air and remind yourself of who you are….”

I often wondered why we need to go outside to know ourselves, we can do that while living with our people… But when I stepped out of my world, I realized the true meaning of this line….
Bhopal.. Bhopal… The city of lakes … yes!! From one lake city to another is my travel diary…!!!
I went to Bhopal for approximately 1 month to complete my training from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited(BHEL), Bhopal. The experience of Bhopal was extremely new and fascinating for a girl who never stepped out of her coffin….!!!
New city… New people… New streets….New food and many more things… along with this change… Change of being alone. far from loved ones..far from home…far from Udaipur..!!
So I want to share the do and don’ts of being a new girl in a city…
  1. Prepare the basics you need for every trip

Be careful while packing your luggage. Take all the necessary things because you never know what you need next. Being in unknown town , it is really difficult to find the necessaries there.. !! To do this prepare a list of things you want and work according to the list so that you dont miss anything….!!!
  1. Don’t overlook Freebies

When it comes to money, be careful and be alert of what you are buying. Every city has some freebies.. don’t miss them.. they will help you in managing the money you have there along with all your demands. After all who doesn’t like freebies…!!!!!!
  1. Listen to locals

As you are in an unknown city, It is better to talk and discuss with some gentle localites so that they can help you… like from where to buy goods… which street is better to reach the destination .. how to deal with the people out there…and much more..!! They can guide you in the best possible way as it is their city and in India ” Atithi Devo Bhavha” is the tag..right…???
  1. Don’t forget your maps

Google is our savior… yes the best and fastest way to reach your destination is provided by Google Maps. All you need is the transport and high-speed JIO…!!! lol..!! Just be alert of the streets and money because the local driver may cost high charges, taking advantage of your new in the city. Alert …. Alert..!! Be careful from such people. It is better to take Uber or Ola for a reasonable sum of amount.
  1. Avoid going to isolated areas

It is better to remain in the areas where there is a large amount of public. It’s just a safety measure to avoid any mishappening. In the town like Bhopal. It’s better to stay in places where a lot of people are there because going to the isolated places may be dangerous. Rest enjoy being in a new city..!!!
  1. Most Important.. keep In touch

Missing your world is normal when we step out of it..!! So keep in touch with your friends, family as they are missing you too..!!

Spend some time talking to them on calls or just my messaging them that you are fine here and missing them..!! This is a good gesture to say ” I miss you, buddy”…!!

So, just don’t be afraid and step out in the world… I am sure you will learn something beautiful in life…!!

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  1. Amazingly Written
    It’s Rightly Said That One Need To Get Out Of Their Home or Rather Their Comfort Zones To Know What Actually Life Is Going To Offer Them
    These Experiences are Life Changing In Many Ways But Especially Changing Your Perspective About Life , Telling You That There Is More To Life Than You Can Imagine
    May This Amazing Blog Inspire People To Get Out Of Their Cities and Find Out A New Perspective of Life , Especially Girls Who Are Generally Not Allowed To Leave Their Hometowns For Safety Reasons Here In India , May All This Change In The Coming Future

  2. Amazingly Beautiful
    For A traveller like me, I love to Read Travel Blogs .
    Read a lot of Different People for Different places.
    But yeah,This one has got something special.
    Its beautifully showCased , with foremost important keys.
    Well Said , that one has to put out their foot of all their comfort zones to Visualise what surprises life has planned for Us.
    This Blog Inspires people to feel free to step out and enjoy the Challenging Miracles of Life.

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