NASA’s Gift for Space Lovers…


NASA’s new searchable media library for space lovers is a treasure trove of space pics and video .

Today in this section we have brought something very amazing for space readers who search for the latest updates on space. Are u the one who like space?  And just wish to be there instead of here, perhaps?  Well then it’s the right place you are reading because I am going to tell you about a stable place  where you can visit and explore to get answer for all your questions .

NASA did this work for you that will surely make  your day. The U.S. space agency has launched a new web-based search engine which is a catalog of images, video and audio files related Space. NASA’s Image and Video Library website is well equipped with a big, easy to find search bar and various options of convenience . You can also filter specific kind of content, and sort results by recency of their upload date, or by popularity.

All the content on the site is embed-able, and there are multiple resolutions to choose , for downloads. The site also shows image metadata, so you can see what equipment was used when it was captured. There’s also a caption file available for all video, so you can easily include subtitles with clips when re-posting.

This is a terrific resource for media covering news or interested in space science, and a great way to save time . NASA notes that this isn’t a comprehensive collection of its available media, but a representative and deep collection with an easy-to-access public interface. It’s also planning to expand this collection over time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and loved to know about this space library .

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