Marvels of Desert for New Year 2K18


Winter has come! Unlike the Game Of Thrones, this winter has vacations and in the end of these vacations, New Year is coming. A New Year full of Joy and Prosperity and maybe some better Bollywood movies. But before New Year surprise you with new adventures and challenges, you want a hardcore New Year Celebration.

But where?

Nearest pub in your city or at a mall or at your office party with the boss(really that’s not a celebration) but if you want a real celebration then pack your bags and visit an amazing and exotic location and start your new year in a new way. Maybe Goa…. Sounds amazing or maybe Manali…. Sounds exotic and adventurous but if you visited these places before and want a different experience then I have an option for you…
Have you ever visited Jaisalmer?

No! Then this is the best time when you should. Located in Western Rajasthan, close to the Pakistan border, in middle of The Thar Desert, the Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer. This city has a working fort and Havelies of rich merchants but a most exotic place in this town is Sam, an ocean of sand dunes.

Sam is a village visited by thousands of tourists especially in the winter season and one of the best site for celebrating New Year. Visit this place on New Year Eve and view awesome last Sunset of this year, on the horizon a ball of fire going down in the deep golden ocean of sand dunes. Enjoy the Desert Safari on camels or jeep and get possessed by the beauty of Desert. Book yourself in a resort or any Desert camp for further celebration. You will get a Royal Welcome Ceremony with beating Drums, Aarti, Vermilion paste on the forehead and
delicious Sweets in the mouth.


Settle yourself on your tables and relish the best cuisines of Jaisalmer like Dal-Baati-Choorama, Murgh-e-Subz, Lal-Maas, Safed-Maans and delicious veggies like Ker-Sangri, Kadhi-Pakoda and Gatte ki sabzi with Makke or Bazari ki roti. Watch an amazing performance of Kalbeliya dance and folk music presented by Kalbeliya tribe or locally called Lunga people. Kalbeliya tribe is mainly Sapera or Jogi community, they revere the Cobra and advocate non-killing of the reptile. The dancers are women in their traditional outfits and the male participant takes care of the musical part of the dance, as the performance progresses the rhythm becomes faster and faster so does the dance. While enjoying these
dance performances which lasts up to midnight you can grab your favorite drinks like Beer or Red wine, gather around the fire, get drunk, show your dance moves and forget yourself and everything and just Enjoy! And welcome New Year happily with your friends and family.

It is Fun to Have Drinks Between Ocean of Desert with Your Loved One’s

After the exotic celebration gets some rest in tents or gossip with your friends and family or relax and enjoy your drink quietly while enjoying every moment of the last night of the year. And next morning glimpse the Sunrise of saffron Sun coming out of the ocean of sand dunes and welcome the new Sun of New Year, Blissfully!

How to reach Sam:
Sam is 40 Kms away from Jaisalmer and you can reach there in half an hour. If
you don’t have your own vehicle then you can hire a vehicle from travel
agencies of Jaisalmer.

Nearby Bus Stand and Railway Station are in Jaisalmer which have direct Buses
from Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Ahmedabad and direct
trains from Jaipur and Delhi. The nearby fully operational airport is in Jaisalmer
which have direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

Where to stay:

 There are plenty of resorts in Jaisalmer, you can book yourself there by any travel websites or you can get the online registration of any Desert Camp.Please choose wisely your resort or camp by reading reviews and comparing fare rates on different websites.

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