Home Made Condensed Milk


Once when my daughter asked  to bake  a cake,  I refused her as there was no condensed milk in the fridge. I asked a nearby grocer  for a tin but unfortunately it was finished there too. After all the efforts, I found  a recipe of home made condensed milk  .I tried many of them ,some failed and some worked . And now I can make my own home made condensed milk without buying it from outside.

With this recipe I started making  eggless cakes and desserts at home. Slowly  I decided to do it professionally. And now I am a home baker.

1. 1 cup full cream milk
2. 1/2 cup sugar
3. Half cup milk powder
4. Pinch baking soda

In a heavy bottomed pan , add sugar , milk and milk powder.Heat it on low flame and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Reduce the quantity of the mixture to 3/4th of the intial
Add a pinch of baking soda.This will make the mixture foamy.

After addition ,Stir the mixture  continuously and bring the pan down from flame.
Let it cool .After cooling it will become thick and ready to use.

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