Goa: I never want to come back from !


Goa is a perfect blend of History, Culture and Nature. An exciting holiday destination popular for its marvelous and endless coastline stretch accommodating world’s finest beaches. I have been there twice and to my surprise both of my experiences were unique and exquisite. While, North Goa ensures you a Vibrant and Dazzling atmosphere, South Goa has serenity and sedateness in its lap. Both the ends are blessed with pristine blue water and Golden sand lined up by fantastic range of colorful shacks. It is also very important to know that there are countless things to be discovered beyond the beaches in Goa.

Goa can be easily reached by Rail, Road Or Air. I love the journey by Train as it is an opportunity to pass by countless landscapes and sea shores. I reached Goa on a beautiful bright Saturday morning and instead of checking in to a hotel, I stayed in with a local Portuguese couple. I preferred it to get a closer look of Goan Tradition

A local Bar in Goa

Visiting Goa can divided according to Geography: North Goa, Central Goa and South Goa. On my 3 days venture,  I could cover a tint of all the three. Its better to explore Goa on a rented two wheeler, and alike me if you are short on days you must visit these places to gain a mixed experience of Party, peace and plea. 

  1. North Goa

It is a true destination for exciting beach sport, energetic nightlife, bustling markets and enchanted yoga retreats. A coastal line of over 50 km has around 10 major beaches neatly tucked in it. The best ones to unwind  are Arambol, Vagator , Ozran, Calangute and Sinquerium. Each have something exceptional to encounter.

Colorful shacks on Calangute Beach

You can also walk into local markets of Anjuna, enjoy fish Spa at Baga and and go for  Trance at Tito’s . Don’t forget to try Goa’s local beer Kings and its authentic food while you embrace sunshine on a shack!

Local Flea Market at Anjuna
  1. South Goa

The quieter and less-developed half of the state is a paradise for beach lovers. You’ll come across fewer activities, eateries and nightlife in comparison to North Goa, but for me it is an attraction defined by harmony free from hustle and bustle . My favorite is the Benaulim beach, Rather unexplored beach, it offers tranquil evenings, good food, local markets, and is particularly famous for bull-fighting events , it is located 30km from Panjim . The route itself is beautiful and composed. This beach is ideal for swimming and to taste aromatic refreshments. You can also dive into Colva, Palolem and Agonda beach to quench your quest.

A View From Benaulim Beach
  1. Central Goa

Well, when it comes to escaping in this exotic state, there is no region more magnificent and glorious than interior Goa. It comprises of Panjim, Margao and Vasco. You can witness the majesty of medieval Portuguese culture intact in the diversified architecture of churches and forts also at the same time dive in the allure of nature’s fury. I recommend you to visit Dudhsagar falls. One of the most impressive attraction, Splashes down from a height of 603 meters this is India’s second highest waterfall. I suggest you to reach there by scenic local train which actually crosses over falls, giving you a spectacular view.

Dudhsagar Falls

Up there to enhance the combination of culture and nature , are imposing churches of 15th centuary. Immaculate Conception,  Basillica of Bom, St Cathedral are just a few to name. Central Goa is also people’s favorite destination to try their luck on a cruise Casino.  I highly urge you to spend a day or two of your Goa holiday wandering beautiful interior Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Remains of Saint Xavier
Immaculate Conception church

There is still so much more that can be added to the list and it would still be incomplete. With its churches in tiny villages, iconic Portuguese houses, street photography ,some unusual food  and offcourse divine sandy beaches Goa is truly the sunshine capital of India . I hope this gives you a little insight of India’s smallest state!!

So During your next visit to Goa do carry your sunglasses and camera to double the fun!

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Written By: Payal Jawaria

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  1. I visited Goa before but did not go to the waterfall sadly. If I knew about it then definitely would have! I did not really enjoy Goa as a whole as I got a lot of hassle from the locals despite being covered up. Possibly my red hair? I would love to go again but to a yoga retreat.

  2. I heard a lot about Goa, and this is the first time I see the magnificent picture of this. What a beautiful place to visit.

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