For Your Coffee Love, Starbucks has a Surprise…


I know Coffee is Trending these days. And there are people who claim to be Coffee Addicts & Lovers. The Caffeine Drink is made such way that it has millions of people loving it throughout the world, and when you think about coffee, it would be unfair to not to mention about the quality of coffee that Starbucks offers. The American giant which started its journey with a single store in Seattle in the year 1971 is currently world’s largest coffee chain with around 24,000 stores worldwide. Yes, its true whopping 24000 Stores around the globe. As of 2017 Starbucks is worth more than 3 Billion US Dollars.

Let me guess that what is going through your head. You would be thinking why the heck I am telling you all about this. Because Starbucks India is all set to charm you with their upcoming offer. So here I am at your service to make aware you about this so you don’t have to suffer.

Starbucks India would be celebrating a double bash this Saturday. The Giant will be
opening its 100th Store in India. This also marks the 5-year anniversary of the Starbucks Inda. In the past five years, Starbucks has emerged as one of the most sought-after coffee shops across the country. Although there were a lot of ifs-buts when they started initially because of the wider presence of its strong competitor Café Coffee Day. Their handcrafted brews and curations have become a lifeline for a lot of people. It has become a part of their lives to hang out mostly at Starbucks.

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So Here is the catch for you, Starbucks will be offering everything at Flat Rs. 100. Yes, I am not kidding. Everything you can think of, Short Drinks, Large Drinks, Caffeinated or Decaf everything at Rs. 100. Even its official Facebook page confirmed about the same. So Grab You Coffee and Share them at you social media handles….

Place: Your Nearest Starbucks.
Price: Flat 100 INR.
What: Everything on the Menu.

And That;’s Me with My Sister at Starbucks, FC Road, Pune

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