Enhancement of Lost Art: Thikkri


Craft is an art; there is no mistake but only unique creations.
Talking about the unique products we see at handicraft stores, there is a lot more hard work and patience than what we can see from outside. These days the original techniques are less used and high machines are rapidly replacing the human hands for more output and export of our art to other nations.

Udaipur’s most famous artwork which has lost its spark since last few years is THIKKRI glass work. This art’s pieces looks adorably beautiful because of the little carved pieces of mirror in various colors. Perfectly cut carved colorful glasses are pasted on white POP in desired shapes to complete the ancient art’s pieces. Sometimes, precisely unified colorful glasses are also used to make mirrors. Floral designs are most common amongst all. These pieces of mirror are known as THIKKRI. These are used generally in roof and wall décor. Till now, no heavy machines are used for the purpose of cutting glass for it.
This art work belongs to Mewar province of Udaipur region. It can be seen decorated in many heritage hotels, art galleries and in different sections of palace too. The Thikkri work is exported to number of places outside the state and country too.

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The craftsmen work on exquisite handicraft products to deliver the inherited legacy of this art. Products of Thikkri work are available in numerous forms such as traditional glass inlay work, peacock glass work, glass drawer, glass work borders, ceiling and dome designs and many more. The traditional range of elegantly crafted handicrafts products reflects inspirational and creative originality. These masterpieces of art will give you a reason to fall in love with their craftsmanship and are easily available in the market at affordable price ranges.
The products of ancient art works are so exclusive that using machines for their design can ruin their artistic value.

Rashmi Choudhary

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