Celebrating Kid’s Birthday Party with a Theme


Birthday parties for little kids are all the rage these days. At every birthday party parents want to do something unique to make it a special event for the child and their little friends. And a great way to do this is to have a theme for the birthday. In this article, we will discuss some popular birthday party ideas for themes and how you can incorporate the birthday theme in different aspects of the party.

Birthday theme for boys

Popular birthday theme for boys are – a superhero party, a pirate party, some popular themes can also be based on what their favorite things are like cars or airplanes. And of course, you can choose to have a birthday party theme based on their favorite cartoon characters like – Chota Bheem, Doraemon or Mickey Mouse. If you have a son who’s old enough to decide it’s always better to let him choose the theme for the party. After all it’s his special day!

Birthday theme for girls

There are many different options available as themes for a girl’s birthday party. Some popular ones are – butterfly theme, princess’ theme, mermaid theme etc. You can also choose a color and make that the central theme of the party. For example, a purple and pink birthday party or a golden birthday party can be a great theme for a little girl’s birthday. Of course, girls too have their favorite cartoon characters and you can base the theme on that. Frozen birthday parties have become very popular these days. Other popular choices are Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Ariel, the little mermaid.

How to incorporate the party theme?

Now that you have chosen the theme you need to plan everything accordingly. This is not going to be very difficult. You simply need to make sure your choices for the following aspects of the party reflect the theme or are compatible with the birthday theme.

  1. Birthday Party Invitations

You can easily make your birthday invitations according to your chosen themes. For a lot of the more popular themes there are free templates available and for others, you can create your own.

2. Party Decor

Elements from the theme should be used in the party decorations. Like using an underwater backdrop or fish cut outs for your mermaid party. If you are having a pirate party you can ask the children to dress accordingly.

3. The Birthday Cake

These days most bakeries will give you a lot of options for birthday cakes. You can easily choose a design for the cake that goes with your birthday theme.

4. The Birthday Return Gifts

Another important part where your birthday theme can really shine is the birthday return gift. You can choose something which goes well with your chosen theme. For example, for a princess’ theme you can give out necklaces and tiaras. For a pirate party, you can give out loot bags in which the little pirates can stuff their goodies.

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Choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party can be a lot of fun. Just let your imagination run free and enjoy yourself

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