Beat The Heat With These Juicy Popsicles


With the summers arriving, hot breezes are blowing around and everyone is getting drenched with sweat. And I’m not worried about this, because summers along with it brings so many interesting and delicious things to crave on. Popsicles, the juicy ice pops are coming back to our life and it’s time to bust out the old Popsicle moulds.

Why bother buying costly ice pops in store, when you can so easily make your own, healthier delicious versions at home?

If you’re having a backyard party this summer, or if you simply want to sit down and enjoy a little sweet treat to yourself, try our pick of easy and delicious homemade Popsicles.

Banana and Coconut Milk Popsicles

If you can’t have dairy, or simply don’t want it, try these vegan, gluten- and sugar-free popsicles using coconut milk.

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Mocha Popsicles

With the summer months fast upon us, Mocha Popsicles have that edge on the typical icy-pole. A perfect afternoon treat, these easily prepared chilled pleasures are the perfect way to cool down. Get your cool caffeine and chocolate fix at the same time. You can even eat it on the go.


Tea Popsicles

While many of us in associate a cosy drink like tea with winter, in India, it’s actually considered the perfect cure for a hot day. Add to the fun by making your own tea with this recipe, and freezing in Popsicle moulds.


Pineapple and Almond Popsicles

This is the ultimate healthy snack. It uses almond milk for extra flavour as well as crushed almonds for a bit of crunch. Add banana, coconut and pineapple for the perfect fruity delight.

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Mango, Coconut and Lime Popsicles

Nothing tastes like summer quite like mango! Combined with tropical coconut flavours, and a dash of zesty citrus, these popsicles will go down a treat for everyone. To save some money on those expensive mangoes, you can purchase frozen varieties at some supermarkets.


Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Pop

Take advantage of one of summer’s juiciest treats—fresh strawberries—with pops that combine buttermilk, Greek yogurt, honey, and fruit in a creamy dessert.

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Cucumber, Agave, Mint Ice Pop

Choose this recipe for a refreshingly green take on the Popsicle, packed with chopped cucumbers, lime juice, and mint leaves.

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Dairy-Free Cherry Almond Ice Pop

If you’ve got a lactose-intolerant little one (or you’re allergic yourself), try a pop that features almond milk, cherries, and lemon juice.

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Banana Nutella Fudgesicles

In the meantime, use up some of your overripe banana by making these super easy banana nutella fudgesicles by pureeing bananas and nutella and popping them in the freezer. Three hours later, you’ll have the creamiest, fudgy popsicles you’ve ever had with two ingredients.

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Hope you like the article. In my next article I will share the recipes of these popsicles till then keep reading and do share your views in comments section below.

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