Backup BackUp BACKUP!!!


It is your 18th birthday. You have a grand party with your friends in your hostel. After 6 days, you are about to leave for your hometown, and are super excited to show, in fact, show off to your mom and  dad what fun it was to celebrate the most important birth anniversary of your life. You plan to store all the photos and videos in your laptop. Being a social maniac, you love to be on the internet at all times. Suddenly , while surfing on the internet, you see some uncommon yet attractive popup on your screen and without being in your senses, click on it! The next moment, with a puzzled expression on your face, you are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. But when you do, it turns out to be the most horrible nightmare – all the photos and videos of your splendid birthday celebration are no more in your computer!!! You freak out, alarmingly, chanting all sorts of prayers and wills. But all you could do is sigh and cry!!

It is the last day at work before you go out on a vacation to Vegas! Your boss has accepted your leave on the provision that you’ll complete your project before deadline. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas is all you can think of!! In that anticipation, you complete all your work in such a short time period you yourself couldn’t believe on!!! You end the project document with a full stop and hit SAVE. On the historic day, you wake up, happier than ever, gleefully waiting for the hour when you’ll finally fly to Vegas. Among everything, you do not forget to check the final project. Only this time all you could find was the last full stop!!

“Alas! Where’s everything? Where are the files? Where is my project???” You suddenly remember you forgot to eject the virus infected pendrive the previous night. Now, instead of Vegas, you only see the full stop – a whole full stop on your dreams, on your fantasies, on VEGAS!!!

How good it would have been if you would have had stored the photos and videos in your pendrive as well! How better the situations would have been if you had stored a copy of your final project on a hard disk. Life would have been so easy if everything could be permanent!!

Hey, why not? With backup, all the above problems can be easily solved. BACKUP is a noun which means copying the entire data of your computer or phones to a physical or virtual device, so that if by any chance your system data is lost or corrupt, you can easily recover the data!

Data is a broad term. It may represent anything ranging from photographs, to files and documents, to projects and softwares. All these “data” are really important for everyone at some point of time.

World Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to support environment protection.

World Tobacco Day is celebrated on 31st May to refrain people from consuming tobacco – saving lives.

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 for global health awareness.

Why do you think I am listing the Days of the World? The answer is simple! If saving earth is important, so is saving data. So if we celebrate World Earth Day for this purpose, do we also celebrate something called WORLD BACKUP DAY?  Yes!! We do.

WORLD BACKUP DAY is celebrated on 31st March every year. It makes everyone cautious of their system data and that everyone must create a backup of the same. Data can be backed up in several ways. You may use a physical device such as a pendrive, floppy disk, hard disk, etc. If a physical device is not feasible, then you may also create a backup of your data on CLOUD – a virtual platform where all the data can be stored and accessed. Example of a virtual backup could be Google Drive, Google Photos, Microsoft One Drive, and many more.

So people, before becoming a victim of somebody’s April Fool prank on 1st April, make sure to back up all your necessary data. Take an oath to definitely safeguard all your data from being corrupt and lost. And….sing along……


Backup backup backup

Have all your data backed up

Your movies, photos, videos

Files, contracts and documents.

So wake up, brush and run there

Your system is resting where

March 31st is here again

Go celebrate BACKUP DAY friends!!


  1. Important topic, I have to say! You never think about that before something happens! Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

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