A Belated Happy New Year

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A Year That Changed Nothing!

Well, since it’s time for new year. Here we are. Once again in the same dilemma, whether to leave what’s done or hold on to it. And like always we are stuck in between. Let it be, don’t get panic. It’s okay to not sort things out always. So you don’t really have to step in new year fully perfect with every grudge down and full of faith and all.

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There is one more thing that is too common these days, new year resolution. It doesn’t make sense to me. New year resolutions are a thing of course but why is it so mandatory to have one. You can obviously start working out in the middle of the year too or from any random day. Depends on only your will. But if you really have a resolution, I hope you stick to it like “fevicol ka jod” (I know bad pun).

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There is one thing that I really really want to tell. We have a lot of people mentioning that this year changed me this way, this year brought so many bad /good things. This year has been terrible /amazing. Okay! Let me tell you a fact. A year changed nothing. Absolutely
nothing. What changes really us is a day, a moment, a fight, a stare, a confession.
The things that really change is or our surroundings aren’t really long lasting or they aren’t very expanded. They are just a moment of striking. A moment that changes you forever.
So believe me when I tell you, a moment does matter.

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Another thing that strikes me well is leaving people behind. People that matter. Don’t tell you aren’t talking to your best friend just because you guys had a terrible fight. And more disheartening is you just gave on them. Don’t do this. No matter how much we boast on with the fact that we are fine alone. Solitude is amazing. (It is and we can ) but the best pleasure of being a human is to be able to cherish each other’s presence and be able to communicate our heart out. So go on. Ping on them. Give them a hitting and tell them you love them.

So this does what makes sense to you. If the world loves partying and you want to shift into the bed sleeping, do sleep. If you want to cry your heart out, please cry. It doesn’t make you weak. It never does. If you want to laugh with your crooked laughter,
do laugh. It’s beautiful anyway. Hit gym if you feel like and not because someone tells you are not in shape. Offer them an “I don’t care” tag. Eat a lot of doughnuts and Paneer Tikka. Do everything with all your heart. Have fun with life. ❤️

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I’m just pinging in a few lines from my poem.
आसमान आज नीला नहीं, बेरंगी सफेद है
अंबर में आज बारिश के आंसू नहीं                                                                                           बस सर्द हवा का कठोर व्यक्तित्व है
इसे इंद्र धनुष में बिखेर सको तो क्या बात है।
( The sky isn’t blue today, it’s colorless white. The sky doesn’t have
raindrops to instill emotions. All it is today is harsh winter winds.
What marvel it would be if you could break it into a rainbow . )
( Basically, make it alive. Perhaps be alive.)

So folks cheers to the new year!

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