7 BASIC Things Every College Going Girl Should Have!


Women and every teenager girl either going to college or at work tend to alter their sense of style as often as the season changes. But few staples items should always be present in the closet. These basic items can be styled up with others to create different and stylish looks. Although you can’t really build up your closet without these basal things. And the key component of being stylish and fabulous is wearing items that are versatile. So here are the top 7 essential items that every college going girl should have!

  • Black Jeggings

One of the most important clothing item that every teen should have is a pair of super comfy black jegging. You can pair them up with any colourful blouse or a short dress and also put a statement necklace to make it look more elegant and stylish. Try to get the opaque ones so that they make you look slimmer and look fabulous. Pair it up with a warm coat or trench in winters to make you feel warm.

  • Sneakers

I am pretty sure that it is necessary to own a good pair of sneakers for every teenager girl. They are just super comfy, easy breezy to wear for a long hectic day and run from class to class without getting blisters. They are available in different colours, patterns and they can go on with almost anything. It is one of the most fundamental item that one needs in the closet.

  • Ripped Jeans

For all those mornings that are spend getting ready in half eye open, just remove a ripped jean from your closet and pair it up with a basic tee and sneakers you are ready to go and bound to turn heads. It is almost like air and water because every closet is incomplete without a ripped jean that fits and compliments your body shape properly. You can always add fun to your jeans by putting some studs or stickers and make them look more cool and stylish.

  • Basic Tees

I don’t think one could live freely and comfortably without some basic tees in their wardrobe. It is super affordable and the most basic need for every girl. One is black, one in white and one in your favorite grey shade can make your life super easy. You will never use words such as that “I have nothing to wear”. Choose your favorite neckline and you are ready to pair up with your favorite jeans, skirts and shorts. Layer it up with cardigan or blazer. It’s no doubt one of those basic fashion item that you need and love.

  • Backpack

So deciding a backpack for college is tedious task but is important one as we carry all our daily essential needs to college in it. They are also available in various colours, sizes and pattern. It is also the smartest option as it distributes the weight evenly and leaves your hands free for other work.

  • Flannel

It is an everlasting piece of clothing! It is completely versatile: You can layer it open on any short casual dress, button it up, tie it around your waist, belt it up with a cool tee and also spice it up with some cool studs. You can incorporate this item in your closet and look presentable when you are in a hurry. It will make you look casual as well as edgy at the same time. They are available in different colours, plaids and pattern.

  • Black Dress

It is the most essential for a teenager. They can work differently during day it might look like a simple casual dress with cute ballerinas and same at the night it just dressy enough to get along. The right dress will illuminate all of your beautiful curves and features. Also the color black is the ultimate slimmer. It will never fail you!


In general, all you need is these basic items in your closet so that you can work with, build up your wardrobe as your time goes on and look FABULOUS!

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