6 TOHFA Ideas for People You Care About….


Don’t you think your loved ones deserve more love than they actually get? And It Happens when you are eager to show your love but either you are short of time or unable to think about an idea. Remember about the situations where you wanted to gift something special but you were drained of ideas. Or you must have given many gifts throughout your lifespan but this time wants to connect your heart with the gift. Yes, this is the right time to Rejuvenate your relations.

Here we are for you rescue by tying up with TOHFA Official. Hence, By the end of this post, you will definitely get an idea of a gift which is worth your feelings. Try something creative. These gifts will win their hearts for sure.

  1. Explosion Box:

This box is an epitome of love. It has four sections. Each section covers a special collection of memories. This box is a soulful combination of feelings of love and care. The theme can be of your choice.

  1. Gift of feelings:

It is a collection of your true feelings. You can shout your heart out through these love notes written either on papers or leaves or if you are a tech geek you can display it through slides of love as per technology. This gift is not container specific. It can range from a small box to a room full of feelings.

  1. Handmade chocolates.

People love it when the person they care for makes an effort for their happiness. You can show your efforts by cooking for them. This will fill their soul with immense happiness.

  1. Gift Basket

It is a collection of things that your loved ones love, be it from anything to everything like once on my friend’s birthday we gave a basket full of sauce sachets. She loved it . Similarly you can also gift happiness using small things by putting them together.

  1. The Caravan Book

Memorable starting of a relation deserves a legendary express. This is the basic idea of this  journey book. Make a count of all your memories together. Use photos , notes and all things worth remembering  to relive the moments of togetherness.

  1. The Photo Bouquet

Life never goes the same, it shows different moods at different times. These times when put together compliments life, Just as different flowers come together to be a phenomenal bouquet.  The photo bouquet does the same by binding different memories in a single shell.

Go ahead and surprise them with gifts they haven’t ever expected…

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:By Nidhi Vyas & Madhvi Mathur

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